Online Masterclass Antibiotic reduction and improved performance through hygiene management

Livestock need to be sold at an optimum weight and with the best quality by using as little money as possible. By focussing on the prevention of disease through hygiene management, it is possible to reduce the risk for disease and therefore the use of antibiotics.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

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Why join this online Masterclass?

The online Masterclass is a personal tailored, digital program in which you will gain a lot of knowledge on hygiene management. We will be using high-end digital seminars, live Q&A sessions ín our stables, and we’ll show you exactly what we are doing here, without the need to travel. You’ll be able to actively apply this knowledge to your own situation through various business case sessions. At the end of this course, you’ll have a solid action plan to improve your own business.

For whom is this online Masterclass?

The online Masterclass is designed for livestock farmers that want to maximize the hygiene within their company and with it, the health of their animals.

Programme and topics

The programme offers an attractive mix of questionnaires, lectures, virtual tour, business cases and interviews.

The following topics are covered:

  • Profit with pigs, Robert Hoste
  • The importance of prevention through the chain,  Annemarie Rebel
  • Germ-free drinking water, Guus Verhaag
  • The theory of gut health, Huub Savelkoul
  • Gut health in practice, Paul Verhoeven
  • Pest control, Wilbert Donkers
  • Personal hygiene, Mart Smolders
  • Cleaning and disinfection, Terry Emonds

More information

Questions? Contact the programme manager Geurt Heimensen.