Course Basic Safety & Security

The Basic Safety and Security Course prepares you for working and traveling in unsafe areas. During this course you learn and practice the skills needed to operate safely in dangerous areas. This will give you a rational attitude and self-confidence, thus increasing your personal and professional effectiveness in the field. The emphasis is on interaction and practical exercises. Simulations are an integrated part of the training. The training is conducted in a safe learning environment.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 3 dagen
Venue Soesterberg

This course starts about 2 -3 times per month.
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*This course is organized by the Centre for Safety and Development, you will be redirected to their website environment.

Who is this course for?

If you are travelling to an area which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified as unsafe, this course is the right course for you. Please keep in mind that even if an area is not classified as unsafe you must make your own judgement concerning the risks. In short, NGO staff working and/or travelling in unsafe areas. 

Programme and topics

The course is composed of the following modules:
- Dealing with Aggression
- Security Awareness
- Emergency First Response
- Ammunition Awareness
- Mental resilience

All acquired skills will be practiced in real-life simulations. In these practical exercises you learn to anticipate and react in threatening situations. All simulations will be practised in small groups and are supervised by experienced CSD trainers. After each simulation you will receive feedback on your personal and group behaviour and actions from both the trainer and the actors. Although the simulations can be challenging and demanding, they will be manageable and provide an excellent learning experience. This will increase your self-confidence and will help you develop the right attitude toward the risks involved.

After one year, the participants receive a short e-learning course to refresh their knowledge and skills.

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