Online Course Data-Driven Agri-Food Business

Develop smart data-driven solutions for your business or organisation under supervision of our experts. To get a position in the fast-changing agri-food environment, agri-food businesses need to develop new business models and become data-driven. At the same time, there are rising concerns about privacy, transparency and distribution of power. Turn your current organisational challenges into growth by becoming data-driven and learn how to deal with complex developments during this online course.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 10 weeks / 45 hours in total
Course Format Online
Credits Certificate

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Why follow this course?

Work on your organisational data-driven solutions under supervision of experts.
If you are eager to learn about current data developments and want to learn how to apply this knowledge into your own situation, you have found the right course. During this course you work together with peers and experts towards an elaborated use case. Next to that you work on a tailor made action plan for your own situation. In this 10 weeks programme you have ample opportunity to derive information and get feedback from your peers, experts and others involved in your plans.

After the course you will be able to:

  • Get a general overview of developments in data-driven agri-food business;
  • Learn how data leads to new business models and consumer markets;
  • Understand the role of data sharing and platforms;
  • Understand how data applications cause shifts in roles and power relations and how you can deal with this;
  • Take home a tailor made action plan;
  • Take home an elaborated use case.

For whom is this course?

This course is designed for professionals working in the agro and food sector and related (public and private) services with an interest in new business development, ICT, marketing and governance (legal). For instance policy makers, business analysts, information managers, project managers and professionals involved in (current or future) digitalisation initiatives.

Programme and topics

This course offers an attractive set-up; within 45 hours dedicated time you will you work under supervision of experts on an existing use case with fellow participants. You apply learnings into your own situation and design data-driven solutions for your business or organisation. This goes parallel with interactive tuition in 6 live virtual Q&A sessions, 1 on 1 talks, peer review and a variety of self-study learning materials (knowledge clips, readings & quizzes to test yourself).

The 10-weeks programme consists of 6 blocks. For an overview of the covered topics in the course, download the flyer.

The live kick-off session is on Monday 27 September, from then onwards you have access to the learning materials. On 5 more dates (Monday 4 October, 18 October, 1 November, 15 November and 29 November) live online Q&A sessions with our experts are scheduled. These virtual classrooms last appr. 75 minutes. For times and technical aspects, download the flyer.

Course leader

The course leader is Dr. ir. J. (Sjaak) Wolfert Wageningen Economic Research. Involved experts are drs. ing. MJ (Marc-Jeroen) Bogaardt and ing GB (Gerben) Splinter, also from Wageningen Economic Research.

Stay informed

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