Online Winter School Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food

Are you aware of the challenges and opportunities in the agrifood sector? Are you eager to get to know the innovations and trends in the agrifood sector? Would you like to have a vision of the whole food chain? Connect scientific knowledge with industrial innovation? Join this online Winter School for young professionals and MSc students and learn through lectures, group interaction, assignments and an interdisciplinary approach from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) experts.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Course Format Online
Credits Certificate

The next edition will be scheduled in 2023.
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Why join this programme?

By attending this online Winter School you will;

  • Get an overview of current and future trends in the agriculture and food domain
  • Expand your knowledge and learn about new technologies and innovations. The whole value chain from environment, to agriculture production, to food processing and design and also human nutrition and health will be explored
  • Experience how to solve challenges from diverse perspectives together with multidiscipline team members
  • Get an insight on how education is organized within WUR

For whom is this online Winter School?

This programme is developed for young professionals and MSc students who are interested in boarding the insights of the agricultural and food domain. At least Bsc level of English is required.

Programme and topics

With the purpose of providing high-quality education students from all over the world, with an interest in the Agri & Food domain, this online Winter School is developed and offered.

The programme will be delivered in the form of online courses and academic lectures covering cutting-edge technologies and new trend of biotech, agriculture food and nutrition. The 2-week programme will contain 10 online courses or lectures with 20 total teaching hours and more than 10 group study hours. All courses, lectures and assignments will be conducted through Brightspace, the online learning platform of WUR. The course includes a variety of lectures, knowledge clips, case study presentations and group work. The following topics will be discussed in relation to global challenges, trends, technology transfer and innovation:

  • Agriculture and environment
  • Agricultural production and supply chain
  • Food design and processing
  • Human nutrition and health


The online Winter School will be hosted by Dr. Zhen Liu, Wageningen Academy, Wageningen University & Research.

Stay informed

By showing your interest, we will keep you informed about the course. Questions? Contact the programme manager Zhen Liu.