Course Maillard Reaction

Who does not like tasty food? Both in human and pet foods the Maillard reaction is a well-known browning reaction providing flavour, colour and aroma. Depending on the process, beneficial but also harmful, Maillard reaction products (MRPs) can be formed. Understanding the role of various MRPs in health and disease is essential to produce nutritious, high palatable and safe foods for both humans and animals. This course will provide the latest insights into the Maillard reaction in foods and takes a comparative approach (foods and pet foods) to provide a deeper understanding of this important, every-day reaction.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Thu 23 September 2021 until Fri 24 September 2021

Duration 2 days
Course Format On-site
Credits Certificate

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Why follow this course?

After a short refresher on the Maillard reaction, participants are provided with new insights, theories and principles of the Maillard reaction and effects of MRPs in health and disease. If you work in the food industry, take advantage of the vast knowledge in pet foods and vice versa. After attending this course participants should have gained basic knowledge, the latest scientific insights and new ideas on how to apply these new sights into their daily practise.

For whom is this course?

This course is designed for professionals working in the food and pet food industry as well as organisations active in the supply food ingredients. The target audience are technical managers, R&D employees, nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers and teachers.

Course Recent insights into the role of the Maillard reaction

The topics are introduced by different experts. During this two days programme there is ample time to discuss issues of importance to your company/institution with the presenters, all of whom are experts in their particular science discipline. In this years programme, two practical sessions are included as well. The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Maillard reactions: the basics
  • Bioavailability of nutrients
  • Maillard reaction products (MRPs)
  • Physiologic, immunologic aspects and clinical effects

All experts will compare the latest insights in relation to Food and pet food knowledge from their perspective.

Course leader

The course leader is Prof. dr. ir. H.F.J. (Huub) Savelkoul,
Wageningen University, Animal Sciences.

More information

Questions? Contact the programme manager Geurt Heimensen.