WUR technical advisor in Smart Agriculture Competition 2021

Published on
August 25, 2021

The smart agriculture competition 2021, focused on tomato cultivation is now open for enrollment. The competition is initiated by Chinese parties and open for contestants from all over the world. Wageningen University & Research and the FAO offer technical advise for the competitors.

Organization & background

The Smart Agriculture Competition was launched in 2020 and focused on strawberries cultivation. The initiator, China’s largest online platform for agriculture, Pinduoduo has made agriculture the centerpiece of their growth strategy. As a part of this strategy they developed the competition. China Agricultural University and Zhejiang University also contribute as organizers. Both the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) provide technical guidance

Tomato cultivation

The competition this year will apply nutrition science, precision farming and other interdisciplinary expertise to cultivate tomatoes. The winners will be judged on the yield and nutritional value of the tomatoes. Taking place over six months, the competition is open to all agronomists and computer scientists around the world and has a total prize pool of more than RMB one million.

WUR contribution

Wageningen University & Research is the “knowledge heart” of the Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture, which is the most advanced and productive in the world. In the last years, Wageningen University & Research is working on autonomous greenhouses, climate control, crop modelling, use of sensors, data, intelligence, computer vision and robotics, post-harvest quality, innovative package, intelligent supply, and nutrition and health diet, etc. A multi-discipline expert team from WUR will offer an online Greenhouse training to all top 15 teams and be present during Q&A sessions. Furthermore, the top 4 teams with the highest scores, who will enter the final round Future Intelligent Agriculture Bootcamp, also have the chance to join a two-days Future Intelligent Agriculture Bootcamp.

More information

For more information click here to visit the competition website. You can now register for the competition until 9 September 2021.

Wageningen University & Research representative, Zhen Liu can be reached at +31 (0)317 48 91 90