Info voor bedrijven over Barlaug Youth Institute


We are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable development. Both in agriculture as in other disciplines there is a growing focus on how to feed the continuously growing world population. It’s of great importance to make the currently younger generations aware of these kind of subjects.

Would you, as a company, like to make young, creative minds aware of the world food problem? Show how your company involves itself in sustainable development and present yourself to these pupils that will become our future CEOs, scientists and policymakers! 

In celebration of the Wageningen University 100-year anniversary, the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute has been set up. As a sponsor of the Youth Institute, you will participate in the discussion between a variety of people ranging from businessmen, scientists, politicians and youth to debade the challenges in our changing world.

Are you interested? Get in contact with Simone Ritzer to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

State your problem to the students

State a problem related to your company and motivate and inspire pupils to come up with appropriate solutions. Secondary school students will be conducting research and will be working on a solution to your problem. They are challenged to advise you. You can present your problem by sending a short video clip (2 minutes) in which you will explain your problem. You can also write your problem down on paper and send it to us. In this case, you should mention the source (website) where required background information is provided. 

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Get in touch with the students

As a partner of the 100-year WUR and the Wageningen Borlaug Institute, you will get the chance to get in touch with participating students about their proposed advice. You will get the possibility to do this on the final day where university students will be present as well. Be inspired by their creative minds and share your vision!


Get in touch with Simone Ritzer (project leader) via +31 6 30 06 65 45 or send an e-mail to