A better food provision is required and food needs to be of highter quality and produced more sustainably. This is one the most challenging issues of our time. Your pupils have the knowledge and techniques to come up with great solutions to effectively solve this issue. Will you challenge them to think about solutions? Join the student project to think about a better world: Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute.

The Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute is an initiative by Wageningen University & Research and it is designed in celebration of its 100-year anniversary. With this project, we wish to enable students to think in interdisciplinary, investigative, international and creative ways. Secondary schools and their students can participate with papers, dissertations, excellence projects or project weeks. Read more about the possibilities or get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities for your school.

Why participate?

  • Enthusiastic university students and leading scientists will support pupils in realising their projects
  • Teachers will get extra education about research methodology and scientific innovations
  • During the Wageningen University 100-year anniversary you will, together with many symposia, learn about recent technological developments
  • Pupils will learn how to approach future’s sustainability problems in enjoyable and practical ways
  • Students will get in touch with scientific research and the university

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How to participate?

We challenge secondary school students to investigate what adjustments are required to feed our future world in a more sustainable, healthy, safe and profitable way. Students who sign up will receive extra support by motivated students and researchers from Wageningen University & Research.

Apart from this extra support, a workshop day will be organised for all participants. The workshop will be organized on the Wageningen Campus in January/February 2018. Participants will learn about debating, presenting and vlogging. These skills are required during the students’ participation at the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute.

The pupils need to hand in their advice before the 1st of May, 2018. This needs to be done with a vlog or video message. All participating pupils will meet and interact during the final day on the 31st of August 2018. Students with the best ideas will be sharing their advice with CEOs, leaders and leading scientists. The pupils with the ‘winning advice’  will be visiting the Global Youth Institute meeting (October 2018) in the US together with the Board Chairman: prof. dr. ir. Louise O. Fresco.

Profile paper

Have your final exam students already chosen their subjects for their profile paper or master experiment? Your pupils can participate in our project during 2017/2018 if their subject relates to the world food problem! They can sign up here to get extra support in realising and writing their work. They will be supported by university students and scientists.

Do your 2017/2018 pupils still have to choose a subject for their profile paper? The Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute offers a variety of different subjects and main questions pupils could work on. Although they are still in secondary school, you could help them by presenting potential innovative, practical and challenging subjects to get them to participate in the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute.

Next to support of their own teacher, these pupils will be supported and supervised by enthusiastic students and scientists of Wageningen University & Research.

Project week

The Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute organizes project weeks on secondary schools (4, 5, 6 HAVO & VWO) concerning the World Food Problem. These will take place in early 2018. Are you looking for an interesting project week? Get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to info.youthinstitute@wur.nl.

Other options

Pupils in 4 HAVO or 5VWO which are not yet ready to write their profile paper, can participate in the project with their excellence assignment or on their own initiative. Sign up now!

Register your school

Are you interested in the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute or are you looking for specific information? Send an email to  info.youthinstitute@wur.nl to receive more information.

We are curious whether your pupils are working on a research subject which is related to the World Food Problem. Is their subject connected to the World Food Problem? Let us know by sending an email to info.youthinstitute@wur.nl so we can connect them to our students for extra support and supervision.

Important dates

January/February 2018: Workshops to improve skills, like debating, presenting and vlogging. Location: Wageningen University & Research.

31 August 2018: Final day. Pupils present their advice to world leaders, CEOs and leading scientists. They have a chance to win a trip to the USA. During this day, teachers get extra education on research methods and will learn more about scientific innovations.

October 2018: Global Youth Institute meeting (Des Moines, United States) - winning secondary school students.