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Global Food Summer School

Global Food Summer School is an opportunity to get a taste of the global perspectives and insights into the interdisciplinary nature of the food industry. You will meet professionals from different fields, who will provide in-depth analysis on food science topics as well as on further career opportunities in the field. This Summer School is designed as a one-week food science course with input from Wageningen University experts in collaboration with international universities and multinational food companies.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research and Foundation European Masters in Food

Mon 2 July 2018 until Fri 6 July 2018

Venue Orion, building number 103
Price EUR 175.00

Course introduction

Relevant issues in the field of product development and consumer behaviour will be presented and discussed in the plenary presentations and during the company visits. A Product Development case is part of the course. It provides a step-by-step overview of the product development process and it gives participants the opportunity to practice team work in a product development context.

“Amazing experience!! Was a great time being able to meet with likeminded people and discuss ideas / learn about food tech.”
“I found networking to be the most beneficial. I met a lot of new people this week and gained perspective on problems in food science”

What you will learn

Successful product development requires a joint input from people with different backgrounds. In global food industry multidisciplinary teams work on product development; one of the reasons that team working skills are highly valued by industry. This course is mimicking life as if you were an employee in a company. You will learn about the key factors being critical to the success or failure of innovations, about the availability of new technologies and you will practice team work.

Course design

The course comprises four days of lectures, workshops and team work on a product development case. One day is dedicated to company visits. Lecturers and experts are from Wageningen University, AgroParisTech, Heineken, Mars and Unilever.

Requirements participants

(2nd year) Bachelor students from food science or related programmes worldwide; good command of English required.

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