Info voor bedrijven over Barlaug Youth Institute


The growing social awareness about the importance of sustainability is a fact. Both in agriculture and other disciplines there is plenty of attention on how we can feed a growing world in the future. It is very important that the current generation comes into contact with these kinds of issues at a young age.

Do you, as a company, want to present your issue to young, creative minds? Would you like to show how your company is committed to a sustainable future and come to the attention of high school students who become the CEOs, scientists or directors of the future?

In honor of the 100-year jubilee of Wageningen University & Research, the Wageningen Youth Institute was set up. As a sponsor of the Youth Institute you participate in a discussion between industry, science, politics and young people to think together about the challenges of a changing world.

Present your issue to high school students

Present a question that your company has to deal with and enthusiastic students get to work on this. Students conduct research into your questions and are challenged to issue advice on this. You can submit your most troublesome question by sending in a short video (two minutes) in which you explain the problem. You can also put this question down on paper and submit it. In that case, mention a source (website) where background information on the relevant problem can be found by the students.

Get into contact with high school student

In addition to presenting an interesting issue, as a partner of the Wageningen Youth Institute you will have the opportunity to talk to all participating students during the final day about the advice they have issued. Wageningen students will also join. Get inspired by the advice of the creative minds and carry out your vision!