Schrijf en pitch je advies

Write and pitch your advice

On the basis of your research, write an advice to world leaders about solutions to global food security issues.

Write your advice

Write an advice to world leaders about the question:

‘How do we feed the world in a fair, sustainable, and healthy way in 2050 when the world’s population rises to 10 billion?’

Guidelines of the advice:

  • Word document of approximately three to four A4 pages (1500 - 2000 words)
  • Indicate your name(s), class, teacher and school at the top
  • Font type: Times New Roman, 11
  • Document name: Advice_Subject_Schoolname.docx
  • Template of the advice:

Download template of advice

These questions will help you to develop your advice:

  • Brief introduction: which topic did you choose and why do you think this topic is important?
  • Where does something have to change? (sustainable, fair, sufficient, healthy, safe food, etc.)?
  • How can something change? (knowledge, facilities, behavioral change, legislation etc.)?
  • Who is involved? (companies, governments, NGOs, consumers, etc.)?
  • Who needs to do what to achieve which impact (who, what, where, when and how)?
  • Bibliography

Submission and deadline

    Pitch your advice

    Pitch your solutions to the global food issue during a roundtable discussion with high school students and experts.

    What is a roundtable discussion?

    • During a roundtable discussion eight high school students and two or three experts sit at a table. Together they discuss the research that the students have conducted and the advice paper they have written.
    • The high school students take turns in pitching their advice in three minutes. The experts will then respond to the pitch and a pre-designated student will ask a question.
    • You cannot use a (powerpoint) presentation for the pitch. You can bring materials to show during the presentation.
    • The high school students who have conducted their research and written their advice in a group are divided over the roundtable discussions so that everyone has the opportunity to pitch an advice and there is no repetition of topics during the conversations.
    • After all pitches there is time for a joint discussion in which the pitched problems and solutions will be elaborated on.
    • After the roundtable discussions, all participants will receive a Borlaug Scholar certificate from the experts.
    Structure of the roundtable discussion
    Activity Time
    Welcome, introduction and guidelines 10 minutes
    Pitch of three minutes by each student Questions by the experts One question from a pre-designated student 50 minutes
    Discussion about problems and solutions to the global food issue 20 minutes
    Awarding of the Borlaug Scholar certificates 10 minutes