Intensive winter course Social Dutch I for native speakers of German (online)

Would you like to be able to speak Dutch to colleagues or friends? Or read labels in the supermarket, ask a shop assistant where you can find a particular item or carry on a basic conversation with your neighbours? And on top of that, would you like to know about typical aspects of Dutch culture, both within and outside the academic world? Then our online intensive winter course Social Dutch I course for native speakers of German is just the thing for you.

Target group

The course is intended for students, PhD candidates, RU staff, expats and anyone else from Germany who would like to learn enough Dutch to be able to communicate in a simple but effective way.

Because of the similarities between Dutch and German, this course goes through the learning materials quickly.


In this course we use the book part 1 – Dutch for beginners. You will be doing all the 10 chapters. These chapters will teach you to introduce yourself and someone else, to talk about hobbies, family and daily activities, to know what you can say in the supermarket or another shop, to ask about arrival and departure times in public transportation, to talk about your house, to talk about events in the past, and to order something in a bar or restaurant.

During classes the focus is on communication and actively engaging with this material.

At the end the course, there will be a curriculum-dependent test. Taking this exam is mandatory if you wish to advance to the next level.

Practical details

  • Dates and times: December 14 - December 18
    Course days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    Time: 10.00-12.00 hrs / 14.00 - 16.00 hrs
  • No time above week? You can also follow our regular online evening course Social Dutch I for native speakers of German (2 classes per week during 6 weeks)
  • Number of classes: 10 (2 classes per day during 1 week)
  • Location: This is an online course that takes place in the Virtual Classroom.Language during classesDutchSelf-study3 hours per day
  • Number of participants: Max. 15
  • Exam: During the final class

Fees (excluding course materials)

Course fee: € 315*

*WUR employees and students get 10% discount on this course

Course material part 1 – Dutch for beginners.


    After the course you will receive a certificate (provided you have attended at least 80% of the classes).

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