Would you like to learn Arabic in Wageningen? Then the Arabic course at Wageningen in'to Languages is just the thing for you. Most courses are taught on Wageningen University & Research campus, but we also offer in-company courses.

Arabic courses:

Arabic (halfway to A1)

Wageningen in’to Languages is allied with Radboud in’to Languages, which serves to provide a wider selection of German courses to choose from. For an overview of all our courses, visit the website of Radboud in'to Languages.

Prefer a tailor-made course?

These courses are completely tailored to the level and learning goals of the participants. Tailor-made courses can be created for individuals, but also for business colleagues or other groups. As a first step in devising a tailor-made course, we determine the initial level of the participant(s). We then take stock of their learning goals, as well as any wishes of the client – should this be a different person – in this respect. All of this is taken into account in your quote.