Intensive writing week - online

Writing is an essential skill for a PhD candidate or a postdoc. Yet, many are not the productive and effective super writers they would like to be. During this intensive online writing week you will experience an enormous boost in efficiency. The interplay between professional writing coaching, clear goals and deadlines, interaction with peers, and pleasant breaks will ensure that you increase the productivity and quality of your writing. The language of communication during this course is English.

Whom is this week for?

Early-career researchers, such as PhD candidates and postdocs, who are currently writing an article or thesis.

Content and approach

During this week, we help you to focus and be productive. You are taught valuable writing strategies by teachers with a scientific background and consult our online modules for theory, examples and practice. While you are writing and revising your own article or thesis, you can consult a coach and confer with the other writers in your group. As a result, you will optimise your writing process in only one week, from the planning to the revision phase. You will be able to improve your text in terms of style, impact, structure and language and will maximize your output.

If you would like to get some more information about the programme, you can contact Griet Coupé:

Course setup

Interactive online meetings

  • Attend short writing classes
  • Give and receive peer feedback
  • Participate in informal writing activities with peers

Individual writing time with coaching

  • Focus during productive writing time
  • Consult a writing coach when you have questions or get ‘stuck’
  • Unlimited access to GOALS (online materials)

Be inspired by well-written examples from your own field

  • Read theory on and see examples of academic style, structure and language
  • Practice writing skills and receive instant online feedback
  • Have unlimited access to GOALS beyond the writing week