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Grammar & Vocabulary 1 (online course)

Are you afraid of making mistakes in your written or spoken English? Are you unsure whether your message comes across the right way? Do you often have to search for the right words? This training addresses all these problems and makes sure you can get to work in English with renewed confidence.

Course Level

Grammar & Vocabulary 1: B1/B2 (CEFR).


The following components are covered:

  • Refresh your knowledge and use of the basic tenses (present / past / past and future)
  • Sentence analysis and standard rules for word order
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Relative pronouns
  • Phrases starting with ‘if’
  • Plural forms of nouns
  • Punctuation

People who learn English sometimes worry about their grammar, but not being able to find the right word may also hinder successful communication. The words you choose to use, or choose not to use, can convey more than just ideas. They can have a different meaning, convey an underlying message or opinion, or even change the course of history!

With about 800 new words being added to the English dictionary every year, it is difficult to determine where to start. This course shows you how best to learn new words, recognise new words and their meaning and how you can expand your vocabulary yourself. You create a personal dictionary of useful words to be used in a business context or your private life.

After this course you can register for Grammar & Vocabulary 2.


The course consists of 10 sessions of 1.5 hours per week. In addition to class hours, you should aim to spend about 2 hours on self-study per week. The maximum number of participants per group is 9.

Dates and times

The course Grammar & Vocabulary 1 is offered annually in March and September.

If you would like to take this course but it is either full or does not list a starting date that suits you, please click here and you will be notified once you can sign up for new dates.

Course materials

  • English Vocabulary in Use Upper-Intermediate Book with Answers
    ISBN: 9781316631751
  • The Wageningen in’to Languages Grammar Reader, Level 1 and 2
    This reader is provided in digital form by the teacher.  

After having registered for this course, you will receive additional information about the course materials in due time.


To receive a Wageningen in'to Languages certificate, a minimum attendance of 80% is required.

Fees (excl. course materials)

WUR employees: € 555
Regular fee: € 650

In case you are a WUR employee, please contact your supervisor. If they approve your taking this course in the context of your work at WUR, you can do so free of charge.