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Social Dutch 3 (online course)

Are you a Bachelor's or Master's student at Wageningen University & Research and would you like to broaden your grammatical knowledge and Dutch vocabulary? Then our Social Dutch 3 course might be just the thing for you. Learn to speak the language using everyday situations, work on your pronunciation and explore the Dutch culture.

The course is taught entirely online using the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

Target group

The course is for Bachelor’s and Master’s students who already have a basic level of Dutch and who are interested in learning the language for social purposes.

Course content

The Social Dutch 3 course is a follow-up course to Social Dutch 2, but can also be taken as a stand-alone course if you already know some Dutch. The main goal of this course is to learn to communicate in Dutch in simple, everyday situations.

What will this course teach you?

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to:

  • describe a city, village or landscape;
  • talk about the weather;
  • talk about what you do during the holidays;
  • make a proposal;
  • write an informal email;
  • ask for and show directions;
  • talk about means of transport;
  • describe and evaluate food;
  • understand a recipe;
  • tell someone what to do;
  • specify quantities;
  • talk about your house and furniture;
  • compare things;
  • ask polite questions;
  • describe the future;
  • write formal emails;
  • give advice;
  • talk about your health;
  • give compliments;
  • ask for opinions;
  • give your own opinion;

Grammar is always discussed in a communicative context and in functional situations.

For example: When you learn to give advice, you simultaneously learn the verb ‘zouden’ because this verb is often used when giving advice in Dutch.

This course will also cover Dutch pronunciation and interesting aspects of Dutch culture.

The lecturer will speak Dutch as much as possible during the course.

Course level

Entry level: A1 (CEFR)
Level on completion: A2 (CEFR)

Dates and times

Group Day Start date End date Time
Social Dutch 3A Monday and Wednesday 20 September 22 November 19:15-20:45 hrs

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Course materials deel 2, ISBN: 9789046962671

After having registered for this course, you will receive additional information about the course materials in due time.


After the course you will receive a certificate from Wageningen in’to Languages, provided you have attended at least 80% of the classes. With this certificate you can continue with Social Dutch 4.


Social Dutch 3 & 4, WUR students € 90*
Regular fee € 275*

Excl. course materials.
Payment: We will send you an invoice by email on the day the course starts.

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