Business Professionals

Would you like to learn to effectively communicate in different languages and at various levels? We provide language courses and translations for business professionals.

English Group Courses for Professionals

Looking for a Cambridge English course?

Please visit the website of our partner Radboud in'to Languages.

    Tailor-made courses

    Would you like to learn a new language or master a new communication skill at your own pace and in your own environment, whenever it suits you best?

    We will find a fitting solution for any question you may have or language you want to learn.

    Our tailor-made online language and communication courses allow you to learn remotely with the personal assistance of a teacher. Through the use of online tools and the virtual classroom, you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you’ll have the freedom to learn wherever you want, and on the other hand you’ll have the luxury of having a teacher who motivates and guides you when needed.

    A number of examples of successful tailor-made courses we have given in the past:

    More information about tailor-made courses

    Intensive language courses

    If you're a professional and would like to considerably improve your linguistic skills quickly, you can attend one of our Intensive Language Programmes or one of our boost camps.

    English Boost Camps

    Translation and editing service

    If you require any translation or editing services, please contact our Translation service.