Food Valley Professionals

Would you like to learn to effectively communicate in different languages and at various levels? We provide language courses and translations for students and staff of Wageningen University & Research as well as for (Food Valley) professionals in and around Wageningen.

English Group Courses for Professionals

    Tailor-made courses

    Before each customised training course, we interview you to determine your language level, learning goals and requirements. We use the interview information to create a unique programme for you. We will then send you a no-obligation quote.

    Examples of customised courses:

    • Customer-oriented communication in English
    • Pitching professionally
    • Negotiating with German-speaking business partners
    • Intercultural communication
    • International networking

    Intensive language courses

    If you're a professional and would like to considerably improve your linguistic skills quickly, you can attend one of our Intensive Language Programmes.

    Translation and editing service

    If you require any translation or editing services, please contact our Translation service.