Rates and delivery times

All of our services are tailored to reflect your specific needs. On this basis, we will send you a non-binding quote at a competitive rate for professional services best suited to the job.

If you’re looking for a fixed translation partner or you require on-going writing assistance, we would be happy to discuss long-term arrangements at a favourable price or with an attractive bulk-order discount.

Employees of Wageningen University & Research do not pay VAT (21%).


In determining the rate and delivery time for a translation, we consider a number of factors:

  • The language combination(s)
  • The size of te text(s)
  • Your desired delivery time

For a price quote, we first request that you send the text you wish to have translated (upload your text), so we can determine whether it contains commonly-occurring passages or passages we have translated for you at an earlier date. If so, you are eligible for a discount and this will reduce the delivery time. We can also discuss custom rates if you have a lot to be translated or if you are one of our regular translation clients.