Professional Tracks - Animal Sciences

Are you interested in a specific role in society after graduating? Then you can choose to follow a professional track next to your specialisation in Animal Sciences. Each of these four tracks prepares you for a specific type of career.

What are professional tracks?

Within the MSc Animal Sciences it is possible to choose courses and topics that prepare for a specific type of career. These so called professional tracks help you to focus on a specific role in society after obtaining your degree. Within a professional track you will follow a set of courses and perform a minor thesis instead of an internship aimed at a specific field. These courses and theses are offered by chair groups of Wageningen University & Research outside of the Animal Sciences domain, within the Social Sciences domain. A professional track can be used to fill in your free-choice space in the MSc Animal Science programme, and will be mentioned on your diploma.

The professional tracks you can follow within the master's programme of Animal Sciences are:

Research Master's Track

If you are interested in doing research, you can choose for this track. The Research Master's Track focuses on a future career as a scientific researcher. It prepares you for a job as PhD student mostly at universities. Thereafter post-doc opportunities exist or options to work as scientific researcher at Research and Development (R&D) departments of a company or research institute. For this track you have to take at least four specialisation courses and you do a minor thesis instead of an internship. At least one of your these (major or minor) should be executed abroad. During the obligatory course ‘Research Master's Cluster’ (YAS-60312) you will acquire professional skills in writing a scientific research proposal in the domain of Animal Sciences.

Go to: Research Master's Cluster YAS-60312

Education Track

With the Education track you focus on a professional career in teaching at an institute of higher education. You will conduct a (minor) thesis at the chair group of Education and Competence Studies (ECS). This chair group investigates competence development within the Wageningen University & Research domains of healthy food and the living environment, focusing on appropriate and inspiring learning arrangements and their effectiveness. Also, in consultation with the ECS group, you will follow additional courses in this field.

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Communication and Policy Track

This professional track focuses on a future career in (semi-) governmental organisations, information centres or non-government organisations (NGOs), nationally as well as internationally. Within these organisations, you can also focus on communication related fields. During this professional track you will follow courses and perform a (minor) thesis either at the Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT) or at the Public Administration and Policy (PAP) chair groups.

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Business and Management Track

This professional track focuses on a professional career in the (agro-) industry. This track will prepare you for more commercially-oriented positions in commercial companies. You can take courses and do a minor thesis at the chair groups of Business Economics (BEC), Management Studies (MST) or Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (MCB).

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