Career Booklet MSc Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management Wageningen University

Future career - Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

As an alumni of the MSc programme Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management there are many job opportunities. To give you a small idea how your career could look like after your study we highlight some of the most common job types. Also, a few of our alumnus tell about their jobs.


As a professional, you usually work in multidisciplinary teams for aquaculture and fisheries companies, feed producers, public aquaria in zoo’s or in ornamental fish production and husbandry.


You can work as a consultant or as policy advisor for multilateral, national and regional governmental agencies or NGO’s (World Bank, FAO, ministries, provinces, water boards, WWF, the North Sea foundation, and many others).

Moreover, at private companies there is an increasing demand for production chain management (e.g. Aholt, Heiploeg).


If you are interested in research, then you can choose universities or research institutes as your future professional environment.

Working abroad

You can also choose to start your own business as a fish producer or consultant. National borders will not hold you back: everywhere you go in the Netherlands, throughout Europe or across the world, you will encounter graduates from this programme.