Application and admission - MSc Biotechnology

On this page you will find information on admissions and registration for the MSc programme of Biotechnology at Wageningen University

Required skills

Students who want to enrol the MSc programme of Biotechnology at Wageningen University must have:

  • At least a BSc degree or equivalent in biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, life sciences, chemical engineering, environmental technology or a related study
  • Students with a pre-education with different content than BSc Biotechnology at Wageningen University need a a Grade Point Average (GPA) for this BSc of at least 70% of the maximum grade (a definition of GPA you can find here)
  • Proof of English proficiency as stated below

An admission committee will judge every application on an individual basis. Consult the following website for admission requirements and for deadlines:

Find out more about admission and application

Education in English

All education in Master of Science programmes at Wageningen University is provided in English. This is a good preparation for an academic career and it supports the contact with scientists in other countries. Admission to the MSc Biotechnology requires a certain level and knowledge of the English language. To get admission to the MSc programme you will have to proof that your English is sufficient. For MSc Biotechnology the standard level English as defined by Wageningen University is always sufficient.

Thus, for the MSc Biotechnology programme a TOEFL with an internet-based score of 80 (with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking) is required. We will accept other official international tests (see admission at WU). Additionally, we accept the following minimum marks of the Dutch high school: VWO – 6; HAVO- 7. Alternatively, Wageningen University offers an own test (RATEr) for those who can travel to Wageningen before admission.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees can vary, depending on for example your nationality and degree. Find out which tuition fee is applicable for you.

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