Application and Admission - MSc Development and Rural Innovation

On this page you will find information on admissions and registration for the MSc programme of Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University.

General requirements

Students who wish to enrol in the MSc Development and Rural Innovation Programme at Wageningen University must have:

  • At least a BSc degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to the specific programme selected.
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) for the BSc study of at least 70% of the maximum scale.
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken.

Programme specific requirements

To be accepted into this programme, students must have a bachelor's degree in the technical sciences, life sciences or management sciences. Preferably, this degree should be related to agricultural and rural development, natural resource management, the food industry or similar fields. However, degrees in other fields can be included as well.

Students with a social science background should apply to the International Development Studies programme (MID), which is closely related to Development and Rural Innovation.

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List of admissible studies

Technical or life science bachelor's at Wageningen University? If you have done one of the following studies, you are unconditionally admitted:

  • WU BSc Agrotechnologie (Biosystems Engineering)
  • WU BSc Biologie (Biology)
  • WU BSc Biotechnologie (Biotechnology)
  • WU BSc Bodem, Water, Atmosfeer (Soil, Water, Atmosphere)
  • WU BSc Bos- en Natuurbeheer (Forest and Nature Conservation)
  • WU BSc Animal Sciences
  • WU BSc International Land and Water Management
  • WU BSc Landschapsarchitectuur en ruimtelijke planning (Landscape, Architecture and Planning)
  • WU BSc Food Technology
  • WU BSc Environmental Sciences
  • WU BSc Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen (Molecular Life Sciences)
  • WU BSc Plantenwetenschappen (Plant Sciences)
  • WU BSc Voeding en Gezondheid (Nutrition and Health)

Other studies with possible admission (admission board Social Sciences):

  • WO B Advanced Technology
  • WO B Applied Earth Sciences
  • WO B Biologie (Biology)
  • WO B Biomedische wetenschappen (Biomedical Sciences)
  • WO B Bouwkunde (Architecture)
  • WO B Diergeneeskunde (Veterinary Medicine)
  • WO B Civiele techniek (Civil Engineering)
  • WO B Future Planet studies
  • WO B Life science & Technology
  • WO B Milieu-natuurwetenschappen (Environmental Sciences)
  • WO B Natuurwetenschap en Innovatiemanagement (Science and Innovation)
  • HBO B Bos- en Natuurbeheer (Forest and Nature Conservation)
  • HBO B Civiele Techniek (Civil Engineering)
  • HBO B Dier- en Veehouderij (Animal and Livestock Farming)
  • HBO B Diermanagement (Animal Management)
  • HBO B Horticulture & Business management
  • HBO B International Development management
  • HBO B International Food & Agribusiness
  • HBO B Kust- en Zeemanagement (Coastal and Sea Management)
  • HBO B Land- en Watermanagement (Land and Water Management)
  • HBO B Milieukunde (Environmental Sciences)
  • HBO B Plattelandsvernieuwing (Rural Development)
  • HBO B Toegepaste Biologie (Applied Biology)
  • HBO B Tropische Landbouw (Tropical Agriculture)
  • HBO B Tuinbouw en Akkerbouw (Horticulture and Arable Farming)
  • HBO B Voedingsmiddelentechnologie (Food Technology)

How to apply

Application deadlines

Please submit your application as soon as possible and certainly within the deadlines, read more on How to apply for a master's programme?

Application deadlines for Dutch students, EU students and Non-EU/EFTA students


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees can vary, depending on for example your nationality and degree.

Find out which tuition fee is applicable for you

Financial information for Dutch students

The MSc Development and Rural innovation  is a two year programme, registered with DUO as a one year programme.

Inform yourself on your entitlement to a supplementary grant, study loan and a travel product through the DUO website.

Or contact the Student Dean: tel.: 0317-483618

Dutch students with a supplementary grant from DUO may be eligible for a one year's grant from Wageningen University in addition to a one year supplementary grant from DUO. Read more about the '5th year' of study finance (in Dutch).

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