Student testimonial

Student Georgiana Maxim - MSc Geo-information Science

Georgiana studied Geodesy in Romania. After finishing her bachelor, she decided to start with the master Geo-information Science to learn more about the applications of remote sensing and GIS

The master Geo-information Science gives you the possibility to discover what you like the best and what is most suitable for you


I did my bachelor studies in Romania at the Geodesy Faculty, which is part of the University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest. The studies consisted of very detailed theoretical subjects, among which I can mention (besides geodesy, cartography and land surveying) remote sensing and GIS. However, after finishing the four years of bachelor, I was not very aware of the multitude of applications that remote sensing and GIS have, since at that moment, they were not very popular in Romania. This was one of the reasons that determined me to try to see also other things, experience other education systems, and expand my horizon, which made me decide I want to continue with a master abroad.

I had a few options on my list, among which were a few universities in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. After discussions with study advisors and recruitment agents, I’ve decided that the Netherlands was the most suitable option for me, and especially Wageningen University, which had a MSc programme called “Geo-information science” (MGI), with a very application-based curriculum, and a broad integration with many other programmes.


I have started MGI a bit more than two years ago (in September 2012, to be more precise), and I can say that I have a much broader view about what GIS and Remote Sensing mean. In the first year I followed courses to expand my previous knowledge and build-up a solid basis, which I have used in my second year, while writing my thesis and doing my internship (which I am supposed to finish in three months). I have tried to have completely different subjects for my thesis and internship, in order to make an opinion on both the research domain, and the more commercial, company environment. I wrote my thesis about a Remote Sensing subject, while my internship has a subject that combines knowledge that I gathered both in my bachelor and my master studies, the subject combining both GIS skills and geodetic knowledge.

Since I have been almost through the entire MSc period, I can say that academic research is very interesting, but I am the kind of person that likes doing research with a specific goal, with results that are used immediately, so for me, working for a company is more suitable. The master Geo-information Science gives you the possibility to discover what you like the best, and what is most suitable for you, although sometimes there are too many applications that concern vegetation studies. Of course, Wageningen is a University that focuses on improving the world and solving concerning issues, like climate change, but I would also have liked to have the option to choose some more technical thesis subjects. This is, of course, just a personal view.


Overall, I can say that I have made a very good choice when I decided to come to the Netherlands and to follow the MGI programme in Wageningen, since now I have a much better and complete view of what GIS and Remote Sensing mean, what applications they have. Also experiencing a new culture and meeting so many different people, made me develop my personality and discover that the world is much bigger than a small box, and things are different than I initially thought. Which is why, after graduating, I am planning to stay and work in the Netherlands.