Flexible Configurations for Innovative Minds

Students in this specialisation connect knowledge and skills developed in between and beyond the other specialisations of the Master’s programme International Land and Water Management (ILWM). They venture into new topics, and seek new connections within the programme and/or with other disciplines. This programme consists of the common core courses of ILWM, supplemented with at least two of the compulsory courses of other specialisations and at least one of the optional courses.

Choices in this specialisation are to be made in close cooperation with the study adviser and prospective thesis supervisor.

Courses and Thesis

This table shows the core courses of this specialisation. Click on the course name for more information.
Course code Course Period
SLM-30306 Issues and Concepts in International Land and Water Management 1AF
WRM-32306 Research Approaches to Land and Water Management 5AF
WRM-60309 Sustainable Land and Water management (Spain) 6
SLM-80336 Thesis Soil Physics and Land Management OR year 2
WRM-80436 Thesis Water Resources Management OR year 2
WSG-80436 Thesis Water Systems and Global Change year 2

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