Student testimonial

Student Ilsa - MSc International Land and Water Management

Ilsa Philips: "I really feel comfortable in this study programme. During the Bachelor’s programme, we have a lot of contact hours, which I think is nice. There is also a lot of variety: lectures, project groups, practical courses, and fieldwork. In the second year, we went on a foreign field trip and that was wonderful. We visited projects and organisations and interviewed various stakeholders. In the prior courses, you learned about irrigation, erosion, and sustainable land use. Then you got to see it all in person! We drove through a country and saw the terraces, irrigation systems, and other measures that we learned about during the lectures. I noticed that everyone there was super excited about it! We are a group of enthusiastic students!"

The field trip abroad was wonderful


“I also think it’s a plus that the lecturers are motivated. They’re all passionate about their field. I never felt that they had been doing the same thing for years. Not to mention that my fellow students are also very motivated. Why? I think it is because most of them very consciously chose the degree programme for its content and not for the city. I am currently working on the Master’s in International Land and Water Management and we are also an enthusiastic group of students. Many of us come from abroad which I think is great. Some of us already have years of work experience and can sometimes put things into a different perspective or add something useful. This enables us to learn even more.”

Student life

“Student life in Wageningen is really diverse. At first, I thought that there was not much to do if you were not part of a student association, but I quickly realised that many other things were also organised such as lectures, parties, and symposiums. I also really enjoy my home life with my flatmates and there are many options for sport and exercise. I have recently started horseback riding, so I frequently get out into nature. The other students in my programme are also a great group; everyone is open and friendly. We work hard, but we also know how to just enjoy ourselves. That is why I also like to attend activities organised by our student association, Nitocra.”

Ilsa Philips, Master’s student

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