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Bart Gerrits - Environmental Manager

Bart Gerrits obtained an MSc in Spatial Planning at Wageningen University. Since then, he has been working at Tauw, a large engineering and consultancy firm with offices and projects throughout the Netherlands. His job is incredibly dynamic and that is, he says, why it fits him perfectly.

Communication, presentation and social skills are very important in my job as environmental manager.

Finding a job was not difficult for Bart, he was offered a job at the Spatial Quality Department at TAUW, before he had even graduated. In the past years, he has worked on many projects and themes, including environmental impact studies and the revision of zoning plans for rural areas.

Bart is now working as an environmental manager at the Department of Waterways and Public Works, also at Tauw. Currently, his calendar is full with projects on completely different topics, such as the restoration of an old canal and the development of long-distance hiking trails. As an environmental manager, it is his task to provide insights on the complex, layered environment that play a role in spatial planning projects. Bart: “Communication, presentation and social skills are very important in this job. During my years at TAUW, I managed to keep on growing in these skills. I get a lot of satisfaction from my work!”

Since Bart had a sincere interest in the typical Wageningen topics such as green space and landscape quality, the choice for Wageningen University was not a difficult one. He says that the MSc at Wageningen University did not only provide him with theoretical depth in his field, but also offered him freedom to explore other fields such as cultural history and heritage. He has also learned many life skills during his time in Wageningen, of which Bart benefits daily.

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