Future career - Leisure, Tourism and Environment

The MSc programme Leisure, Tourism and Environment is intended for students who seek a career as an academic professional or as a scientist. Among the professional job possibilities are experts in sustainable tourism or visitor management.

Life after MLE

On basis of alumni information taken from members in our Linked-In alumni group as well as KLV Wageningen, we see that graduates end up pursuing a diverse set of career paths. Read their stories or check out the facts below.

Professional and academic careers

Most MLE graduates build their professional careers on translating and applying academic knowledge acquired during the programme into practice as consultants, policy-makers, project managers and entrepreneurs. About one third of MLE alumni stays in academia as researchers, PhD students or lecturers.

Jobs in- and outside the field

A third of our graduates continues to be active in the field of tourism after graduation by working for a tourism board, a (multinational) tour agency, a consultancy firm, a university faculty, or a non-governmental organization that aims to develop tourism as a means to alleviate poverty. Two-thirds of our graduates find jobs in other sectors, such as nature conservation, international development, agriculture and marketing.

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