Specific admission requirements for students with a University BSc degree

Admission requirements for Wageningen University students

Students from Wageningen University BBC, BEB and BGM

If you have a three-year academic bachelor's degree in Management and Consumer Studies (BBC), Economics and Governance (BEB) or Health and Society (BGM) from Wageningen University, you are automatically admissible to the Management, Economics and Consumer Studies Programme. In consultation with the study adviser the content of your master's programme will be made.

Students from Wageningen University other than BBC, BEB or BGM

You are not automatically admissible to the Management, Economics and Consumer Studies Programme. Within your BSc you need at least one year (60 ec) of courses within the field of management studies, consumer studies or economics to be admitted to specializations A, B or C. To be admitted to the specialization D Management, Innovation and Life Science you need at least 12 ec in management and or business economics. Please consult the MME study adviser to make sure you are admissible with your WU BSc.

Admission procedure for students from Partner Universities

Under the terms of the Agreement between Wageningen University and the universities indicated here, if you are from one of the following universities, you are automatically admissible to the MME programme provided that you fulfil all the requirements indicated in the agreement:

  • Federation des Ecoles Superieur d'Ingenieurs en France (ISA Lille, ISAB Beauvois, ESA Anger, ESAP Toulouse, ISARA Lyon)
  • Friedrich-Wilhems Universitat, Bonn, Germany
  • Czech University of Agriculture, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China
  • North West A&F, China
  • Warsaw Agricultural University, Warsaw, Poland
  • Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Cremona, Italy
  • University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary
  • Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany

You must apply via the coordinator at the partner University and must follow the specified rules and procedure indicated in the agreement.

Admission requirements for students from Other Universities

The Wageningen University MSc Programme brochure indicates the general admission requirements on the basis of which the Admission Committee for the Social Sciences Group determines whether or not you are to be admitted. The Admission Committee will evaluate your application. You will receive a letter indicating whether or not you are admitted, as well as the duration of the programme (and the specialisation that you are required to follow). In order to be admitted, you must either have a relevant or a related degree from an academic level (as explained below). You can also apply if your degree is still anticipated. You can apply by completing and sending in the application form. If you have already done an internship or have working experience, it is possible to obtain an exemption for the internship.

You can be admissable under the following requirements:

1. You should have a (i) relevant degree or a (ii) related degree to Management, Economics and Consumer studies.

(i) relevant degree: degree in social sciences in the field of management, marketing, accounting, (general, agricultural, development or environmental) economics, consumer behaviour or sociology.

(ii) related degree: degree in the field of agriculture, plant sciences, animal sciences, environmental sciences, nutrition and health or other related fields in the agriculture or food sciences.

2. Your BSc degree should be of at least three years duration.

3. Within your BSc programme you should have one year of courses within any of the following (specialisation) areas:

(i) Business studies: management, marketing, operations research, business economics, information technology, accounting, finance, financial management, commerce, law, logistics, facility management.

(ii) Consumer studies: sociology, marketing, consumer behaviour, economics, psychology, communication, law

(iii) Economics and governance: Agricultural economics, development economics, environmental economics, econometrics, agricultural policy, environmental policy, institutional economics international trade, law.

You must have done at least six months of courses in one of the areas indicated above to be permitted to follow that specialisation.

Please note: Mathematics, statistics, and methodology courses are not included here. Internship and thesis will also not be included as courses for this purpose.

Degree is still anticipated

If you have not yet obtained your degree but will be obtaining your degree within the next few months (before September 1), you may still apply and be admitted conditional on your obtaining a degree before September 1. In that case, please also indicate courses that you are doing at present or will be doing before you complete your studies.

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