Master's Business Studies

The master's specialisation Business Studies allows you to investigate and analyse the strategies and operations of companies in production and distribution networks. It also illustrates the dynamic decision-making processes involved in production. Alternately, you can focus on the various aspects of marketing and consumer behaviour in business or industry.

Introduction to Business Studies

This specialisation deals with management in agri-businesses. The management topics studied include strategy, innovation, logistics, management accounting, financial analysis and market research. The food chain is often the object of study within this specialisation. This chain consists of the 1st stage (raw material delivering companies) processors (e.g. Cargill), 2nd stage processors (e.g. Unilever), Financial companies (e.g. Rabobank) and Retailers (e.g. Albert Heijn). Students can also specialise in Facility Management of large companies or government institutions. Facility management is the design and support of various aspects that are not the companies’ core business, such as housing, canteens and logistical processes.

Specialising in Business Studies entails writing a thesis related to:

  • (Agricultural) Business Economics
  • Facility Management
  • Information Technology
  • Business Management & Organisation
  • Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
  • Operational Research & Logistics

Why Business Studies?

Wageningen University & Research's master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies is the only study programme to offer a combination of business studies with:

  • nature and environment
  • sustainable development
  • management and policy
  • living environment and logistics


For timetables, courses and course content of the specialisation Business Studies and the common part of the master's programme you can read the Study Handbook.

Career prospects

Upon graduation from this specialisation, you will have career prospects as a manager or consultant in the business sector, hospitals, financial institutions, auditing or accounting companies, governmental departments or food industry. Visit future career for the stories and career paths of Alumni.