Master's Consumer Studies

The master's specialisation Consumer Studies allows you to gain knowledge about the behaviour, lifestyles and consumption patterns of consumers and households. You will gain insight into the economic and sociological aspects of consumers and households as well as those factors determining consumption behaviour.

Introduction to Consumer Studies

This specialisation is centred around consumers and households. Studying lifestyles and well-being of households receives a lot of attention. Well-being of households is mainly determined by income, living environment, household activities and professional care. Changes in these factors have their effect on the economy as a whole. Therefore, food producers need to be constantly aware of the wishes and desires of the consumer.

Specialising in Consumer Studies entails writing a thesis related to:

  • Strategic Communication
  • Food Quality and Design (consumer technology and product use)
  • Urban Economics
  • Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumption & Healthy Lifestyle

Why Consumer Studies?

The consumer angle is unique at Wageningen and incomparable to other study programmes. There are similarities with elements of the more general study programmes like Behavioural Economics and Management, Sociology, Psychology and Communication. However, Consumer Studies at Wageningen University focuses on the demand of consumers.


For timetables, courses and course content of the specialisation Consumer Studies and the common part of the master's programme you can read the Study Handbook.

Career prospects

Graduates who have specialised in Consumer Studies have become consultants, researchers, managers or teachers in public or private research organisations, business research institutions, government agencies or universities. Visit future career for the stories and career paths of Alumni.