Programme - Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

Read more about the programme of the master's Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering. This two-year programme is student-centred, entrepreneurial and operates in the territorial context of Amsterdam.

What you will learn

You will learn how to act in an environment where a variety of systems, networks and human actors shape the metropolis and the flows in the city. As a student you make use of new technologies, enabling a much faster and accurate use of data on cities, and at larger scales than ever before.

The programme educates you in entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and acting. These skills will help you develop yourself as a unique inter- and transdisciplinary analyst, designer and engineer in the urban environment.

Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for students to truly work on actionable ‘solutions’ for metropolitan challenges, and learn to continuously redefine the context they work in.
Thomas Lans, Course Coordinator MSc MADE

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Part of the first year are tailor-made and self-designed tracks in Wageningen or/and Delft. In the second year, you work in a Living Lab where you join research teams of the AMS Institute, will do an internship or work towards your own company. The living laboratory of Amsterdam supports cooperation with one of the private or public partners in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, or a more individual entrepreneurial project.

The master's programme will be completed with a thesis. This includes a theoretical framework, advancing analytical methods and explicating conceptual approaches.

The two-year MSc MADE programme is a combination of institution and online education, thorough training in academic skills and project work. This is al connected to the research portfolio of Wageningen University & Research, Delft University of Technology and their industrial and societal partners and brought together in the AMS Institute.

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