Specialisation: Sustainable Food Systems

On this page you will find more information about the specialisation Sustainable Food Systems, courses and thesis.

Understanding of consumer preferences, psychology and communication theory

Improved understanding of global and local agro-food networks is essential to stimulate sustainable production of healthy food and renewable resources. This specialisation focuses on the social sciences perspective of sustainable systems of food provisioning. In addition, globalisation and sustainability of food production and consumption are addressed. Production, processing and marketing of organic products is increasingly affected by (inter-) national policy and legislation. Insight into these aspects is crucial to expand and develop organic food production networks.


Courses focus on: globalisation of food production and consumption; global versus local production; consumer behaviour and marketing; sustainable food networks and value chain analysis; environmental education. Students learn to analyse complex problems at the intersection of organic agriculture and society.Finally, students acquire the skills to analyse complex problems on the junctions of organic agriculture and society in preparation for the thesis research.


Courses for the specialisation Sustainable Food Systems are listed in the online Study Handbook.


Students in this specialisation can do their major thesis at several different chair groups within Wageningen University. Visit their website to find out more about their research and possible thesis subjects: