International Course Plant Breeding, 2016-2018

The international plant breeding sector is facing the challenge to guarantee sufficient supply of academically trained plant breeders for the years to come. The number of graduates with a specialisation in plant breeding has decreased in the last decennia.

High potentials

High potentials with a degree in (other) life sciences have been welcomed in the breeding industry. Consequently, there is a high demand for additional academic training. The International Course Plant Breeding now enables professional plant breeders and researchers to upgrade their knowledge in parallel with their current career. It is aimed to add academic knowledge to the professional experience of plant breeders worldwide.

International Course Plant Breeding

Brochure International Course Plant Breeding

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Additional master's programme

Following on the International Course Plant Breeding it is possible to continue with the MSc Plant Sciences, specialisation Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources. Based on successful completion of the postgraduate course, and depending on previous education and work experience exemptions for parts of the MSc curriculum can be granted on an individual basis.


For more information on this course you can contact Ms. Monique Tulp, programme manager at Wageningen Academy.

For more information on subsequent admission to a fast track version of the MSc Plant Sciences you can contact Dr. Anja Kuipers, programme director of the MSc Plant Sciences at Wageningen University.

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