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Wietse - Spatial consultant tourism

Wietse faced some challenges during his study but also learned how to persevere. Something that helped him during this career. He is now a Spatial consultant tourism at the municipality of Utrecht. And proud owner of his award-winning company, Rainbeer.

I want to work on things that will make the Netherlands better. It makes me happy that I am able to do so as an entrepreneur.

Since you got your master’s degree, what kind of jobs did you have?
"The last 10 years I had several jobs at the Province of Utrecht. In my first position, I supported a project manager with purchasing air base ‘Soesterberg’. It was purchased to use as a recreation area. It is now a park and also home to the National Military Museum.

In my second position, I got the opportunity to work as a clerk at the ‘Groene Hart’ organisation (recreation and nature area). A totally different job. Suddenly I had to prepare governmental meetings and make reports. I discovered that this was not my talent.

Then I started working on several projects. For example, I worked on a campaign to make the youth more aware of the nature in Utrecht. I organised a lot of activities for them in nature to show how versatile and beautiful it actually is. This wasn’t the typical government job but I enjoyed it very much. It is great to see how enthusiastic people can respond to your plans.

After these projects, I worked as a consultant tourism for the economics department and later for heritage, culture and recreation. I liked the diversity of the job and also, my colleagues were nice."

Can you tell more about your current job?
"In the upcoming months, I will be working as a spatial consultant tourism at the municipality of Utrecht. It is the perfect job after the MSc Tourism, Society and Environment. A lot of things that I learned during my study can be used in my daily work.

But, working for the municipality is not all I do. I started, together with Joris Hoebe, our own company: Rainbeer. We make beer with the use of rainwater. Due to climate change, the rainfall is increasing. With Rainbeer we turn rain into a valuable resource. This could be a solution in creating more climate-adaptive cities."

Is this what you always wanted to be when you started the MSc Tourism, Society and Environment?
"I want to work on things that will make the Netherlands better. It makes me happy that I am able to do so as an entrepreneur. However, combining this with my day job at the municipality and my family can be challenging sometimes. Fortunately, I am someone who likes to challenge himself. With all the different jobs I had since graduating, I realised I enjoy creating things. I am a concept developer."

What are your future goals?
"Well, I have too many ideas and too little time. I want to make a difference in my current job as a spatial consultant tourism. But, also with my own company Rainbeer. We are growing fast. We work with 4 breweries and already sold 200.000 beers. Also, we won several awards in the field of sustainability, innovation and hospitality. And, I am very curious if two other ideas I have can be a success as well."

How did studying at Wageningen University & Research prepare you for your career?
"The international community is very attractive. There were 30 students per class with at least 16 nationalities. But also my thesis and internship, were I have met my current colleagues, were important. At my internship, Sarel Tempelman and I developed the Liberation Route. This is now a successful tourist route in Europe. It was even the inspiration for the Holland City Strategy to attract and spread tourists. Sarel and I just became colleagues again."

What is the most important thing you learned in Wageningen?
"Finishing my master’s degree wasn’t always easy. During my study I was ill and I found it hard to write my thesis. Somehow I had to start over again and again. That time really learned me to persevere. Something that I still use every day."

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