Application and admission - Nutrition and Health

On this page you will find information on admissions and registration for the MSc programme of Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University.

Admission based on three criteria

Admission to the MSc programme Nutrition & Health is based on three criteria:

1. Relevant BSc degree

Students holding a bachelor's or master's degree or equivalent in one of the following fields are usually considered eligible for admission to the MSc programme Nutrition and Health when they also meet the GPA and English proficiency requirements:

  • Nutrition Sciences
  • Food Science and Nutrition (with a significant focus on Human Nutrition and relevant research methodology)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics with a significant research-focus
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Health Sciences with a focus on metabolism in a research context.

No rights can be derived from this list. The admission officer checks each individual study programme (including the BSc- or MSc-degrees mentioned above) on sufficient courses on nutrition, human physiology and research methodology.

Students with other bachelor's degrees can be admitted based on the actual courses in their BSc (or MSc) programme and/or relevant work experience. Please ask the programme team for possibilities:

2. Sufficient academic performance

Sufficent adademic performance throughout your BSc degree, as shown by an average unweighted mark that meets the required minimum.

Please check the WU International Credentials Evaluation Guidelines for details on how your national degree system translates to our admission requirements.

When the grading of your programme has been done in a different way and you're not sure how to relate this to the requirement, please contact the Student Service Centre via

3. Proficiency in English

The language of instruction in Master of Science programs at Wageningen University is English. Admission to the MSc Nutrition and Health requires a level 1 proficiency in English.

For more information please look at this site. Please check the exemptions by downloading the pdf from this website.


To apply for admission to the MSc Programme you have to submit several documents. This process is described step by step on the website of the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Tuition fees / finances

You can find information on tuition fees and scholarships at the pages of our student administration.
Specifically for EU-students, there are sometimes options to obtain a study grant ('studiefinanciering'), although the conditions are quite strict. Also it might be possible to obtain a loan. More information can be found on the DUO website.

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