Specialisation Food Digestion and Health

This specialisation is positioned at the interface of the programmes Food Technology and Nutrition and Health.

This specialisation focuses on food on its way in the digestive tract. Digestion of food is a complex process that is essential for our life. The process of digestion starts at the mouth and via stomach, continues in the small and large intestines, and only ends at the anus. You will learn how the food matrix is broken down and absorbed. Food components present are broken down into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body as energy source, for growth and cell maintenance of he human as well as its microbiota. You will get better understanding of the role of various food ingredients on human health. The knowledge on the digestion of food can be applied to design foods with desired properties and functionalities. Education is provided by teachers from Food Technology, Human Nutrition as well as Animal Nutrition. This guarantees a multidisciplinary approach.