Specialisation Sensory Science

This specialisation is positioned at the interface of the Food Technology and the Nutrition and Health programme. This is in line with the research in the sensory science field, which is focused on the interaction between the human observer and product properties.

Sensory Science is a cross-disciplinary scientific field dealing with the way humans perceive the world and act upon sensory input. It addresses how sensory systems function, from stimulation and perception to cognition and behaviour. Sensory science aims to reach a better understanding on the meaning of sensory signals for eating behaviour, but also how our senses can be used in quality control and product design. The fields of study involve working with humans and products in different contexts and include quality perception, food preferences and acceptance, relationships between physical chemical product properties and sensory perception, learning and memory, desires and satisfaction, and health and individual wellbeing. The physiology of senses is studied with the help of modern imaging techniques (MRI). The study always keeps a link to the application of this knowledge in the fields of human health and the design, production and consumption of attractive healthy foods.