Student testimonial

Student Lennart Kleinjans - MSc Nutrition and Health

"In addition to taking courses and writing a thesis, you have to do an internship within the Master Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University. I did an internship at NIZO Food Research in Ede."

It was very interesting to see the ins and outs at a research company.

NIZO is a research institute which  assists food- and ingredients companies to make better and more profitable food. "I knew this was a company that conducts research on behalf of industry and I wanted to see how this relates to research at the University. Via a professor, I came in touch with workers who work in my direction  within the Master Nutrition and Health, specialization Molecular Nutrition, and they wanted me as an intern."

"Within  NIZO, I have done research into improving sampling methods for research on intestinal bacteria. The daily activities were similar with my daily activities when I wrote my thesis. It started with reading about the subject and setting up a plan. After that follows much lab work and eventually  it becomes more writing. Despite the similarities, it was very interesting, especially to see the ins and outs at a research company  from the inside. The atmosphere at NIZO was very good and I felt right at home. It was fun to work with researchers from many different disciplines."


"During my master degree in Nutrition and Health I had written a smaller thesis, besides my main thesis.  There I already worked with bacteria, so that worked out well. Furthermore I already used different techniques in the lab during courses. But  also the literature I had read for my subjects and thesis, came across during my internship again. You will get the biggest challenge of  the master in the beginning of your internship or thesis. You do not know that much of a particular topic, so you  have to get well informed on what is available and what else can be done. Sometimes you get quite a lot of responsibility to determine how  you will start, that's a challenge, but that's exactly what I love."


"If have completed my master's Nutrition and Health, I would like to have a combination of research and education in my work. I hope to get started  at a university, preferably in Wageningen. I would like to be an inspiring teacher for the upcoming students of Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University. Hopefully I  can do it."

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