Student testimonial

Student Rosella Koning - MSc Nutrition and Health

After completing her Bachelor Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University last year, Rosella continued her education with the adjoining master Nutrition and Health. "There will always be a demand for food by the world and the molecular knowledge about nutrition is continually expanding. It is a field where there is still much to discover, so is there is a future in it."

I like to work with facts.

Besides Nutrition and Health I follow a second master at Wageningen University, the Master Food Safety. The reason for following a second master is because of the management. I find research very interesting, but I missed management and leadership in the master. Both programs fit perfectly to the Bachelor Nutrition and Health as well to follow both at the same time. "


"Within the MSc Nutrition Health you have several specializations. I chose the specialization Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology. I like to work with facts. After all, something is toxic or not, and a structure of a protein is a fact. In addition, toxicology and pharmacology are two interesting fields for me. Here they deal with issues like 'how can the same substance, in a different concentration, become more or less harmful? ". Within the direction of Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology you can decide whether you want to specialize in the direction of pharmacology or toxicology. Hereby you will have few students within the MSc Nutrition and Health with the same knowledge and who graduate with the same subjects. Everyone can have a customized program, according to their interests. "

"Some of the exercises are digitized, so there are fewer lab practicals than I expected. This gives you more variety between lecture, practicals, computer practicals and sometimes a group assignment. In addition, the teachers of Nutrition and Health are involved, incredibly inspiring and also interesting discussions are held regularly after lectures or practicals. "

Student Life

"Within the city of Wageningen, there are many facilities for students and they are adapted to lec-ture times. That makes it so student friendly. Wageningen is perhaps a bit smaller, but it is a really nice town to study. I have done a one year board of the study association Di-et-Tri, I joined many committees and I still have several jobs besides. "


"I would like to continue the future within the pharmacology or toxicology. These are both very interesting fields that also combine well with the Master Food Safety. So I can see myself in a senior management position within a company. Presenting and inspiring that is what I want to do. If it is possible within a nutritional or pharmacological company, but if there arises another opportunity it can be in a different sector. "

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