Application and admission - Sustainable Business and Innovation

On this page you will find information on admissions and registration for the MSc programme Sustainable Business and Innovation.

Admission requirements

Students from the Wageningen University BBC programme have unconditional admission. Students with a BSc programme in a Business Science discipline or in a Life Science discipline need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • At least 30 credits of courses in your BSc programme in one or more of the following disciplines: strategic management, innovation management, organizational behavior, industrial organization, marketing, sales, operations research, business economics, information technology, accounting and financial management, and logistics.
  • Of these 30 credits at least 15 credits in management and/or marketing.
  • At least 10 credits of research methods in your BSc study including Statistics.
  • A GPA for the BSc study programme of at least 70% of the maximum scale.
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken. Please see the additional information about the English language proficiency for Dutch students, EU students and students from outside the EU/EFTA. For this programme Level 2 is required.

In addition, students with a Dutch HBO degree must generally follow a premaster programme of 30 credits, or alternatively include a WU-minor in their HBO-programme. This premaster/WU-minor contains the following courses:

  • Research design and research methods
  • Quantitative research methodology and statistics
  • Courses in management and marketing

    Application procedure

    The applicant must complete the application form and submit it with all required documents. The Admission Board will review the application based on an individual assessment of the applicant's academic record (curriculum, grade point average and final thesis report or research paper) and relevant work experience. The applicants will be informed of the Board's decision by letter.

    For more information refer to steps to enrolment: for Dutch students, EU students and students from outside the EU/EFTA.

    Are you still in the process of obtaining your bachelor's degree? Students in the final year of their BSc programme may also apply for admission prior to their graduation. The Admission Board can tentatively admit a student based on a transcript of his or her academic record, the expected date of graduation, and an official letter from their home university stating that the student will have completed all the requirements of the degree programme in due time. After graduation, students must submit the degree certificate prior to the start of the academic year.

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