Alumnus testimonial

"As adviser in sustainability policies at ASN Bank, my weeks are very diverse."

I travelled for a couple of months after graduation. After I returned I had several different (voluntary) jobs before I found my current job.

Personal input and creativity are very much appreciated!

I am an adviser in sustainability policies and research at ASN Bank and specialise in climate and biodiversity. Our department writes the sustainability policies for the bank and investigates our investments, to make sure that they meet these policy requirements. My weeks are very diverse; I meet with colleagues and also do a lot of desk research. For instance, I investigate the sustainability policies and ambitions of companies that ASN Bank wants to invest in. We collaborate with a lot with other parties in a very dynamic environment. You can never predict what will happen in the field of sustainability, but in my job it is possible to contribute to this process. Personal input and creativity are very much appreciated!

Working on a project in a team, is something that I learned during my master and is very useful in my current job. In my work it is also very important to have a critical and academic attitude.

I advise current students to search for an internship at a company they really want to work for. Furthermore, I think it is important to focus on issues that you are genuinely interested in. Passion is a great motivator!

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