Application procedure for OKP (former NFP) Fellowship

Please note: this information is provisional. It will be confirmed after formal publication of the subsidy and policy outline by the Dutch government.

Until that time there may still be adjustments to comply with the policy outline.

Target group Orange Knowledge Programme scholarship:

1. You come from one an OKP partner country.

2. You have an unconditional admission to one the master programmes of Wageningen University & Research. For application please see: How can I apply for the Master programme? (Non EU/EFTA)

3. For a complete overview of all OKP scholarship requirements please check the website studyinholland.

How to Apply?

Application procedure September 2018

Step 1: Admission

Apply for admission to a Master programme at Wageningen University starting in September 2018. Make sure you apply before January 15, 2018 to allow us to evaluate your application and send you the result letter in time. All information about how to apply can be found on our website.

Please note that we can only select you if you are admitted to the programme starting in September 2018. You can (re-)apply by filling out the online application form for September 2018.

Step 2: Invitation to apply

Wageningen University will pre-select students who are admitted to an MSc programme starting in September 2018 and belong to the OKP target group and invite them by email to apply for an OKP scholarship. You can only apply for an OKP scholarship if you have been invited to do so. Invitations will be sent mid-February 2018. Please do not contact us regarding this, if you have not received an invitation by the end of February you are not considered to be a suitable candidate for a scholarship.

Step 3: Application

After you have received an invitation to apply, you will be informed about the application procedure and the documents Nuffic require.

Please make sure you have at least the following documents available and ready to send;

- a copy of a valid passport

- an employer’s statement

- a statement from the Government Authority, if applicable

Here you can find more OKP information for applicants.

Step 4: Nomination

From all applicants who have applied, Wageningen University nominates a selected group for an OKP scholarship. You will be informed whether or not you have been nominated.

Step 5: Selection

Nuffic decides which of the nominated candidates will be selected for the OKP scholarship. The fellowships will be awarded on 7 June 2018, the latest. Wageningen university will inform you about your selection.

Application procedure February 2018

Nuffic is currently developing a new scholarship programme (Orange Knowledge Programme). Nuffic has informed us that, because of this, there will be no application deadline in August for NFP scholarships for study programmes starting in February 2018. Therefore, you will not be able to apply for an NFP scholarship for February 2018.

Depending on the development of the scholarship programme, there may be OKP scholarship opportunities for future starting moments (i.e. September 2018) again. All relevant information will be published on our website as soon as it becomes available.