Pre-master linkage programme

Students who cannot be directly admitted to a Wageningen University master study programme because of deficiencies in their previous completed bachelor education, may eliminate these deficiencies by following a pre-master linkage programme. A Wageningen University pre-master linkage programme consists of a maximum of 30 credits and is determined individually. It has to be obtained within one academic year.

General information 

During the enrolment as a linkage student, students are only allowed to follow the subjects determined in their linkage programme.

Upon successful completion of the linkage programme students will be directly admitted to the master programme.


It is not possible to apply for a linkage programme, instead students should apply for the master programme of their choice. When you cannot be directly admitted to the master programme the admission committee can determine that you must first take subjects in a pre-master linkage programme to eliminate deficiencies in your previous education. The subjects that you will have to take are determined by the academic admissions committee together with your study advisor. Information on courses can be found in the study handbook.

Enrolment Deadline

Pre-master linkage students are allowed to start their programme at any given time during the academic year depending on when the subjects are given. It is of course very important to arrange enrolment well in time.

Fees linkage programme

Students who want to participate in the courses of their pre-master linkage programme pay a fee equal to the proportional part of the statutory tuition fee.

The fee for the academic year 2017-2018 is 1/60th of € 2006.00 = € 33.43 per credit.

Enrolment as a master student after the linkage programme:

Upon successful completion of your pre-master linkage programme you may enrol as a master student. When the last mark of your linkage programme has been booked you can enrol as a master student. Please contact the Student Service Centre about the enrolment procedure. You will then have to pay tuition fee as a Master student for the remaining months of the academic year.

Please note:

· A Wageningen pre-master linkage programme should be obtained within one academic year.

· The pre-master linkage fee must be paid before you can be enrolled as a pre-master linkage student.

· It is not possible to pay the pre-master linkage fee in instalments.

· There will be no restitution of the fee paid, should you decide to terminate your enrolment as a pre-master linkage student before you have obtained the credits you have paid for.