Starting a Master’s program at Wageningen University

From your Bachelor’s program there are various possible ways to go onto a Master’s program. On this page you will find more information about admission requirements for, transfer possibilities to and general information about a Master’s in Wageningen.

Starting a Master's program with an Academic Research Bachelor's degree

Transferring from a University of Applied Sciences

Not all universities of applied sciences, research universities and university colleges are included in the overview. However, it is possible to start a Master’s program in Wageningen with a Bachelor’s obtained at another institution. If your institution or Master’s program of choice are not mentioned in the overview, please contact a study adviser to find out about your options. To find contact information visit the websites of the Master’s programs. You can also take a look on the website


In order to be admitted to a Masters’ program, you must adhere to the general admission requirements. Additionally, specific admission requirements for each Master’s program can be found on the website of that Master’s program. Partaking in a Bachelor’s minor program can increase your chances of admission or shorten a possible pre-Master’s program.