After your application

On this page you can find information on what to expect after your application.

Check your application

Your application and uploaded documents will be evaluated by the admission office once you have uploaded and submitted documents in the application portal. You will be informed via email if one of your uploaded documents has been rejected or if we require additional information regarding your application. 

Wait for the results

Your application will be forwarded to the admission board once all your documents have been checked by the admission office. You will be notified of the result via email within 6- 8 weeks.

Procedure for submitting an appeal

When you disagree with the decision about your admission to a degree programme, you may submit an appeal. You will follow the procedure stated underneath. 

Step 1:
Get in touch with the Admissions Office through this contact form. Indicate that you do not agree with the decision and ask for an explanation.

Step 2:
The Admissions Office will reply and will refer you to the concerning Admissions Committee if necessary. If you are unable to reach a solution within 3 to 4 weeks, you may consider to start a formal procedure to submit an appeal.

Step 3:
You have to submit your formal appeal within 6 weeks after the initial decision about your admission was made. Visit this webpage for more information about submitting an appeal.

PLEASE NOTE: The appeal period is not suspended during steps 1 and 2!

Payment and Funding

For non European students:

All non-European applicants who are admitted to a MSc programme will receive a form with some questions by email. On this form you can i.e. indicate whether you have the intention to start your MSc study at Wageningen University and whether you will pay the MSc study from private resources (yourself or family) or by a sponsor.

After receiving this form back you will receive more information and an invoice for payment of tuition fee from our financial administration.

In the case you have indicated that you will pay the MSc study by a sponsor, your sponsor will be contacted to arrange the financial matters after the receipt and acceptance of your fellowship letter.

For European/Dutch students:

All European/Dutch applicants have to arrange the payment details in Studielink. A new task will appear on your ‘My to do list’ in Studielink.

Note: this task ‘Enter your payment details’ will not appear before May 1st.

Legal residence

Students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries (except Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, United States and Vatican City State) require a special visa (ATR or in Dutch MVV) to study in The Netherlands.

It is not possible for students to apply for the ATR/MVV themselves. The International Office will start your entry visa/residence permit procedure after payment of the required fees and receipt of all required documents.

It is strongly recommended not to book a flight to The Netherlands before the entry visa has been approved.


Idealis is the main student housing corporation in Wageningen. You receive priority status as a house seeker when you live over 130 kilometres (as the crow flies) from Wageningen University. If you want to qualify for student housing via Idealis, you can register with Idealis after receiving their information

Check their website for more information on housing.

Annual Introduction Days

We strongly recommend that you attend the Annual Introduction Days (AID) before you start your study in September or February. This introductory programme helps you to get acquainted with Wageningen, university buildings, and to meet fellow students.

Visit the website of the AID for more information.