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Be a student for a day - Master

Would you like to know more about a particular master's programme after visiting an Open Day? Wageningen University & Research offers you the possibility to be a student for a day and experience what it is like to study at Wageningen.

Individual programme

You have the possibility to join a student of the programme of your interest, during a regular study day.

When you have registered, the student contacts you to set a date. Together you follow lectures and practices. A perfect opportunity to experience the study and Wageningen University & Research in general.

If you have a question about one of the study programmes of your interest, you can contact a student coach. Our student coaches are students from Wageningen University & Research.

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Group programme

Some master's programmes offer organised student for a day programmes. Together with other prospective students, you follow a programme which shows you the details of the study programme.

Currently no group programmes are planned. You can still sign up for the individual programme above.