International fairs and visits

Wageningen University & Research attends several fairs every year. If you have any questions about the fairs you can contact the Study Information Desk or an international representative.

International fairs

See the table below for an overview of the international fairs. Contact the Study Information Desk if you have a question about a fair.

Date Location Name of the Fair
8 September 2018 Lima, Peru FPP EduExpos
11 September 2018 Quito, Ecuador FPP EduExpos
15 September 2018 Bogota, Colombia FPP EduExpos
15 September 2018 Seoul, South-Korea Study in Europe Fair
6 November 2018 Surabaya, Indonesia Dutch Placement Day
8 November 2018 Bandung, Indonesia EHEF Fair
9 November 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia Dutch Placement Day
10 November 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia EHEF Fair
10 November 2018 Jogjakarta, Indonesia EHEF Fair
15 November 2018 Bangkok, Thailand Dutch Placement Day

Want to learn more about one of the fairs? Please reach out to us for more information.

Personal meeting

It is possible to schedule a personal meeting with the representatives of Wageningen University & Research, online or offline:

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Specific questions about a master's programme

If you have any questions about the study programmes of Wageningen University & Research, you can contact the study adviser of the master's programme of your interest.

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