Frequently asked questions Master Open Day

On this page you can see the frequently asked questions about the Master's Open Day on Friday 13 April. Do you have any further questions? Ask them to the Study Information Desk via chat or contact form.

1. When will the first Master's Open Day be held?
On Friday 13 April 2018.

2. I'm unable to attend on 13 April. When will the next Master's Open Day be held?
The next Master's Open Day will be in December,

3. My parents or a friend are joining me. Do they have to register for the open day too?
No, parents or friends do not need to register, unless they also intend to study in Wageningen.

4. I registered for the open day but am unfortunately unable to attend.
You can cancel your registration by sending an e-mail to

5. Where can I find the programme for the open day?
You can find the programme on this page.

6. Is there an afternoon programme for every master's programme?
No, only for some of the programmes. More info on this page.

7. I would like to study at Wageningen University & Research this coming year but am unfortunately unable to attend the open day. Is there another opportunity to visit Wageningen University & Research?
Yes, you can register to shadow a student at Wageningen University & Research for the day. You can register for this at this page. Select the Master's programme of your choice and complete the rest of the form. One of the students will then contact you. You can then agree on a day for you to come to Wageningen.

8. Have I been allocated a specific time to go to a presentation or can I decide for myself which presentation or session to go to and when?
You can decide for yourself what time to go to the presentation or session. Please make sure you are not late for the presentation or session.

9. I would like to take the English language test. Is it possible to do so during the open day?
No, it is not possible to make an English test during the open day. If you would like more information about this test please contact Wageningen in'to languages.

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