In my first story I already mentioned my ambition to go diving. So after 2 weeks of deliberation (it is still a lot of money) Carlo (a fellow student) and I decided to just go for it. We are here only once (probably) and we wanted to make the most out of our stay.

I had already snorkelled a lot and it is really nice, I even saw a turtle and you can see the old seawall with some coral, but for the actual beautiful pictures you should go further and deeper. Thereby comes that during the nights there is not a lot to do here and after many days of hiking you also get kinda used to the wonderful landscape that I wanted something more ;-) No, just kidding, the island is still wonderful but most people come here for diving in the first place so I figured that I should also check out what all the fuzz was about.

Well, for starters we began by watching a very boring movie of about 3,5 hours that was shot in the 80’s and did not particularly make you look forward to diving. Thereby came a book of 300 pages of theory you needed to learn, but luckily that went pretty fast and of course it is important to know how you should dive safely. But after that, the actual fun started. We started out with a lot of skills, some of which freaked me out a little bit like taking of your mask and swimming half blind aroun until your instructor returns it to you, but after a while I got everything under control and started to really enjoy the diving. My first deep dive (to 12 meters) was a real adventure since my mask was leaking the entire time and I lost my regulator which meant I was coughing and half blind trying to empty my mask, find my regulator and hold on to the rope all at the same time. So after that experience I was prepared for everything and got a lot more relaxed in the water. It is such a different experience than being on land. You are just in this totally different world for about an hour or so, without talking and nicely floating between beautiful nature you only know from pictures and movies. The score so far: super nice corals, a turtle, an eagle ray, many beautiful lobsters (I only know them when they are on your plate but they are magnificent in real life) and a lot of other fish I don’t remember the names of. I still have one more dive to go and really hope for a shark, than my journey will be complete. I never figured myself as a diver, but I think this trip might have changed my mind!